OptimumG Announces New Software Pricing

by | Apr 15, 2019

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OptimumG announced this week their move towards a subscription based software licensing on all of their software solutions including OptimumKinematics, OptimumTire and OptimumDynamics. This move was done in order to stay true to their company’s mission. OptimumG’s mission is being able to share the love of motorsports and vehicle dynamics by bringing innovative solutions to complex engineering problems. Because of this, OptimumG wanted to make their professional software solutions more affordable.

OptimumG’s software solutions include the following:
OptimumKinematics – kinematics software that aids in suspension design and analysis faster and more convenient than other software systems on the market.
OptimumTire – tire data visualization and tire modeling tool that allows better insight into how a particular tire operates and allows users to run more accurate vehicle simulations.
OptimumDynamics – a computational vehicle dynamics software, that allows users to design their own suspension, set-up a car, analyze more than 500 outputs, and view those outputs in 2D and 3D visualizations.

Already in effect, you can now purchase subscriptions for all of OptimumG’s software solutions, with the exception of OptimumTire Standard and Professional, for a fraction of the cost. Another benefit of a subscription-based approach to software is that it allows users to purchase software for short duration projects or other one-time needs. OptimumG’s software solutions are claimed to be a lot more user friendly than the competition and include unparalleled support and customer service.

For more information, please contact software@optimumg.com.

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