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OptimumG is an international vehicle dynamics consultant group that works with automotive companies and motorsports teams to enhance their understanding of vehicle dynamics through seminars, consulting, and software development.



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OptimumG Announces New Software Pricing

OptimumG Announces New Software Pricing

OptimumG announced this week their move towards a subscription based software licensing on all of their software solutions including OptimumKinematics, OptimumTire and OptimumDynamics. This move was done in order to stay true to their company’s mission. OptimumG’s...

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Throttle maps and tire wear

Throttle maps and tire wear

In our recent article on the need of power in Formula SAE, we briefly looked at the throttle response of a specific engine. Mapping throttle pedal position to engine torque is a powerful tool for many vehicle dynamics engineers. This mapping can be done mechanically...

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It is all about horsepower… or is it?

It is all about horsepower… or is it?

A vehicle’s performance can be described using many different metrics. The most commonly used is probably engine power. Whether your unit of choice is horsepower, kilowatts or calories per hour, the peak power of an engine is a number most people can relate to. It’s...

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Asymmetric Tire Data and OptimumTire

Asymmetric Tire Data and OptimumTire

One issue our customers come across every now and then is an asymmetric tire data set. The data set itself is not really the issue, but it can complicate the process of fitting tire models using OptimumTire. An asymmetric tire data set; is tire data collected on a...

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