Are you a seasoned veteran in vehicle dynamics?
Just starting out?
Somewhere in between?

The fact is, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because everyone in the vehicle dynamics field who hopes to stay in the field has to keep learning. The truth is, continued education is a must for growth and improvement.
You’re in the right place because OptimumG was built on seminars. When the founder, Claude Rouelle, started the company, one of his first moves was to hit the road and share his vision via seminars.
Now with more than two decades of experience under our belts, we’ve become the go-to educator in the industry with our two internationally recognized seminars:
And if you’re seeking something more extensive, consider our onsite seminars with topics tailored to meet your needs.


If I am not an engineer, can I attend your seminars?
Yes, anyone who is interested in learning is welcome.
Who should attend a seminar?
Data engineers, performance engineers, race engineers, designers, simulation engineers, etc. Professionals working in any type of motorsports series or in the automotive industry.
Do you offer discounts for current university students?
Yes, we offer an individual student discount and a student group rate (groups of three or more from the same university). We ask that students provide a university ID or current course schedule that clearly indicates they’re currently enrolled full-time. And those who’ve graduated within the last 12 months are eligible for a discount, too.
What about professional discounts?
We offer a discount if three or more people from the same company register.
Do you offer other discounts?
We also offer a “combo” discount for students and professionals, meaning you get a 15% discount off of the SECOND seminar you register for within 12 months.
How do I register for a seminar?
To register for our seminars, go to our seminar calendar page and select the seminar you are interested in. If you have questions about registering, contact
How can I pay for a seminar?

We accept credit cards, wire transfers, and checks. We must receive your full payment before we can confirm your registration.

What is your cancellation policy?
  1. OptimumG reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrollment, inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances. In this case, OptimumG’s liability shall be limited to a full refund of registration fees paid to OptimumG. Although seminar dates and locations are rarely changed, when booking flights for the seminar, we advise the purchase of ticket protection insurance at the time of booking. In no event shall OptimumG be liable for any cancellation or change penalties assessed by an airline or hotel as a result of seminar date changes or cancellations.
  2. Cancellation requests received via our email within 30 days before the seminar date: A 50% refund will be granted.
  3. Cancellation requests received 30 days or less before the seminar (or in the case of a registrant being a “no-show”): No refund or any form of credit will be issued.
    • Alternatively, a registrant may transfer to another seminar within 12 calendar months at no additional cost, provided the participant emails us at least 7 days prior to the seminar they originally registered for, informing us of their decision not to attend and emails us 30 days prior to the date of the future seminar they wish to attend.
  4. No refund or any type of credit will be provided if the registrant attends all or part of a seminar.
“I first met Claude when I was studying mechanical engineering in Paris in the early 2000s. I decided to invest in his 3-days seminar on vehicle dynamics and data analysis. This was probably the best investment I have ever made as it gave me a very important and solid understanding of Motorsport Engineering principles, both theoretical and practical, that you could not acquire just by reading books. Following this seminar, I went to Denver to work with Claude for a 1-year internship working on all aspects of vehicle dynamics, Motorsport Engineering, and data analysis for a new 12-days seminar Claude was creating. This was a very valuable experience and my knowledge of Motorsport Engineering increased exponentially during this time. To this day, in my current job as a Race Engineer in F1, I am still mainly employing principles I learnt during this period. I can strongly recommend Claude’s seminar for anyone aspiring to have a career in Motorsport Engineering.”

– Julien Simon-Chautemps, Senior Race Engineer for Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo Racing – F1 Team

“Claude Rouelle brings clarity and definition to areas of relevance with the kind of ease that only a seasoned veteran can possibly do. The fact that he has seen fit to do so is to every engineer’s advantage, make no mistake. Ignore this opportunity at your peril.”

– Robert Loaring, I.C.E. Automotive

“One thought that I had after the course…when I was starting off, where was someone like Claude to explain things so clearly, rather than having to learn the hard way?”

– Owen Hayes, Porche Motorsports

Owen Hayes

“The OptimumG vehicle dynamics seminar has been specially appreciated by the ESC application teams of Bosch France. This gave them the deep understanding of influencing factors on the vehicle dynamics that they need to optimize their approach and tuning of safety systems like ESC. Specially impressive is the way Claude Rouelle turns his decades-long experience in chassis tuning into a analytic and rigorous approach, highlighting the fundamental factors of chassis engineering.”

– Gilles Dubos, Chassis Systems Control Chief Engineer for PSA (CC/EPC) at Bosch France

“OptimumG did not only provide me with vehicle dynamic classes but the big part for me was that it gave me a huge amount of “hint” on how to think as a tire designer. It literally changed my life. And the more you apply what you learned, the more you want to take the class again in a higher level.”

– Yoshinao Yasuda, Tire designer/engineer, Falken Motorsport

“I followed an Optimum G seminar on race car engineering and dynamics, and I must admit that the knowledge I gained there truly helped me in my work as a motorsport journalist. I write technical features on a regular basis and translate Giorgio Piola’s articles on F1 technology, and what I learned from the terrific teacher who is Claude Rouelle is helping me every day.”

– René Fagnan, Journalist/Reporter,

“Claude and the entire team at Optimum G played a vital role when we were working very hard to develop our LMP1 chassis and special Dunlop tires during the 2012 IMSA American Le Mans season. We raced hard that year for the championship and took memorable pole position and victories– and Optimum G was with us every step of the way.”

– Cris Dyson, Driver and Sporting Director, Dyson Racing Team