Does your team need a refresher on vehicle dynamics basics?
How about a week to get each member on the same knowledge level?

OptimumG rolls out the welcome mat for automobile manufacturers, tire manufacturers and race teams with its highly touted onsite training program.
Whatever your team needs, OptimumG will gladly tailor a seminar for you. Our engineers regularly create onsite programs that fit any and all training needs. Each seminar can be modified with added or deleted sections based on your goals. Seminars range from one day to a few weeks, and are held in the classroom or on the track.
We provide sensor and data acquisition hardware for live demonstrations of testing and data analysis, plus an extensive library of vehicle dynamics subjects and exercises.

Chrysler Onsite Seminar

4 Days, 100 participants from all departments:
Vehicle dynamics group engineers
Tire engineers
Chassis controls engineers (ESP, ABS, etc.)
Testing group engineers (K&C, instrumented handling)
Virtual chassis analysis engineers (modeling & simulation)
Steering & suspension engineers
Supervisors, managers

Hyundai Onsite Seminar

5 Days, 60 participants covering the following topics:
Vehicle dynamics fundamentals
Tire testing and modeling
Kinematics & Compliance
In-lab and on-track testing for vehicle and sub-components
Vehicle benchmarking / design targets definition
Vehicle modeling and simulation
Data analysis
“We did several challenging projects with OptimumG and all the outputs are very tangible but also deeply insightful. OptimumG truly knows what they are doing. Very impressive combination of theory and field experience. Working with Optimum G as the engineering partner always has been great experience as it keeps myself being challenged in perspective of engineering itself and also of the passion for it. Thank you OptimumG.”

– Jun-Mo Lee, Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center, Inc.

“OptimumG Advanced Vehicle Dynamics seminar was held in Rimac Automobili. The intensive four-day seminar held by Claude Roulle was very useful experience which give us very good overview of vehicle dynamics, but also some guidelines for vehicle development from concept to final product. The knowledge we used in various projects we did in previous years – from prototype small series to motorsport projects. In Rimac Vehicle Dynamics department, thick scripts from the seminar can be found on every desk, used by engineers together with tools and Claude ‘magic’ numbers when doing calculations.
I would recommend the seminar to students, small vehicle engineering teams, but also experienced and bigger engineering teams to get a picture of the importance of vehicle dynamics in vehicle development.”

– Tomislav Šimunić, Vehicle Dynamics Team Leader, Rimac Automobili d.o.o.

“Optimum G did not only provided with vehicle dynamic classes but the big part for me was that it gave me a huge amount of “hint” on how to think as a tire designer. It literally changed my life. And the more you apply what you learned, the more you want to take the class again in a higher level.”

– Yoshinao Yasuda, Tire designer/engineer, Falken/Dunlop Motorsport

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