Our Mission

To combine engineering and innovation to solve vehicle dynamics problems.


If you’re interested in excellence, you’re in the right place. OptimumG’s first and foremost interest is excellence as well. Specifically, we’re all about making vehicles excellent so they reach the pinnacle of performance. To do that, we offer vehicle dynamics, data acquisition, and training solutions to automobile manufacturing and motorsports industries around the globe.

Like most improvements in human history, OptimumG started with an idea to improve vehicle performance: A relentless focus on data. With the right data, we know we can make adjustments based on physical reality and not speculation or intuition. This idea has allowed OptimumG, which formed in 1997, to evolve into an international leader in vehicle dynamics that offers custom software solutions, enlightening training seminars, creative consulting services, and much more.

Today, with its engineering expertise, knowledge, and perspectives, OptimumG is helping automotive and race engineers reach the performance they demand.

OptimumG has come to appreciate that its customers understand the power of a single idea, and the resilience it takes to make it a reality. We also know our customers strive for nothing less than the best—and that’s exactly what OptimumG provides.

If you’re not already a part of our family, join us in our drive to excellence!

Our Values

Applying integrity in everything we do
Exceeding expectations
Serving customers with unmatched passion
Sharing knowledge
Giving back to the racing, automotive, and engineering communities
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