Company Founded

Internationally acclaimed racecar engineer, Claude Rouelle, taps his 20 years of experience in racecar design and engineering to start OptimumG with a fresh take—offering seminars to industry experts and students.


Goodyear Seminar

Seminars taught at Goodyear in Akron, Ohio; and Michelin Competition in Clermont-Ferrand, France.


Alex Job Racing

  • OptimumG gets first consulting customer, American Le Mans Series winner Alex Job Racing. Others, such as Stone Brothers Racing Team and Daimler Chrysler, follow.
  • Claude teaches his first seminar to Formula One.


100th Seminar Taught

OptimumG teaches its 100th seminar.


Flying Lizard Collaboration

  • OptimumG teaches seminar at Ferrari Formula One, Firestone, and Brembo.
  • The company starts a consulting collaboration with Flying Lizard, which won the GT American Le Mans Championship for the next two years.


Furniture Row Nascar Collaboration

The company starts a consulting collaboration with Furniture Row NASCAR team. OptimumG helps the MJH team develop the Dodge Viper, and creates a Volvo SW 40 4WD for Derek Bell in the US Speed World Challenge.


John Deere Collaboration

  • John Deere becomes OptimumG’s first non-racing customer.
  • Seminars are taught to Sport Car Club of America and Forsythe Indycar Team.
  • Claude teaches his first motorsport academic course at Colorado State University.


Release OptimumKinematics

OptimumG adds software to its menu of offerings by releasing OptimumKinematics.


Dunlop Motorsport Collaboration

  • The company begins collaborating with Dunlop Motorsport on tire and car vehicle dynamics interaction, which helps Dunlop Motorsport win numerous races and championships.
  • Claude teaches a series of four-day seminars to Toyota Formula One in Cologne, Germany.


NASCAR Wind Tunnel Test

  • OptimumG successfully runs a 22-day wind tunnel testing program at FondTech in Italy.
  • Claude teaches seminar to over 100 automotive engineers in Pune, India.
  • OptimumG creates OptimumTire, a tire modeling software, for car and tire manufacturers.
  • OptimumG begins a partnership with Kistler to test its prototype sensors.


Red Bull Team Collaboration

  • The company starts a consulting collaboration with A. Mattheis / Red Bull team, which won the Brazilian Stockcar Championship for the next five years.
  • OptimumG teaches its first 12-day advanced workshops in the U.S. and Australia.
  • Hands-on seminar on vehicle instrumentation is added to OptimumG training portfolio; the first one held at Oreste Berta S.A., Argentina.


Release OptimumTire

  • Following the success of OptimumKinematics, OptimumG releases OptimumTire.
  • OptimumG creates a racecar engineering course targeting master programs. ISMANS (France) and METCA (Spain) were the first universities were the first to benefit from the course.


Ford Collaboration

  • OptimumG expands its activities with a new collaboration in Supercars Australia with Ford Performance Racing.
  • Vehicle dynamics seminar taught in Japan and China for the first time.
  • OptimumG adds OptimumLap to its software offering.


Marc VDS Collaboration

  • The company starts a consulting collaboration with MarcVDS, which won the Blancpain Endurance Championship and the 24 Hours Of Spa-Francorchamps.
  • OptimumG works on multiple tire laboratory and on-track testing project for automotive manufacturers such as Hyundai and Jaguar Land Rover.
  • OptimumG teaches its first post-rig specific seminar at SEAT in Spain.


Release OptimumDynamics

  • OptimumG releases its latest software, OptimumDynamics.
  • OptimumG acquires hexapod simulator from WHR Devices (Australia).
  • OptimumG teaches its first tire testing and modeling specific seminar for Sumitomo Industries.


Goodyear Collaboration

OptimumG provides onsite training and consulting services for many leading companies in the automotive industry, including Team Rosberg Engineering, Goodyear, and Rimac Automobili.


Cooper Tires Collaboration

  • OptimumTire becomes a leading software in the industry, with new sales to IDIADA (Spain) and Cooper Tires (U.S.).
  • OptimumG engineers fly over one million miles for seminars, consulting, and software support.
  • OptimumG teaches seminar for the Féderation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).


Opens Luxembourg Office

  • OptimumG opens an office in Luxembourg (Europe).
  • OptimumG helps Dunlop win the LMP2 category with Jota Sports, and the GT category of the Le Mans 24 hours with Aston Martin.
  • OptimumG teaches seminar for Formula One teams.
  • OptimumG begins a collaboration with KTM (Austria), providing tires testing services.
  • OptimumG helps Dunlop win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in two categories for the first time: Jota Sports in LMP2, and Aston Martin in LMGTE.
  • OptimumG moves headquarters to Centennial, CO.


Proton Porsche GT Team Collaboration

  • The company starts a consulting collaboration with Proton Porsche GT team, which won the World Endurance and European Le Mans Series championships as well at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
  • OptimumG offers tire testing and modeling services for BMW Motorsport.
  • OptimumG consults with Subaru Rally Team in the Americas Rallycross Championship (ARX).
  • OptimumG partners with EZ Metrology, Michigan Scientific, and Texense to teach an enhanced hands-on seminar at Oreste Berta, S.A. in Argentina.