The complete solution for your tire modeling and analysis

OptimumTire2 is a software tool that is designed to help engineers to analyze tire forces and moments and generate tire models from tire test data.

Complete remake of the legacy OptimumTire

OptimumTire2 is a revolutionary tire data processing and automation software that allows you to fit your first tire model in under 10 minutes. The software enables import of tire test data from multiple tests, and you can automate the process of fitting multiple tires from multiple tests through the fitting queue builder, maximizing productivity through the power of automation.

More than


the speed!

Packed with new features!

  • Modern User Interface
  • Multi-threaded-ready fitting process
  • Multi-dimension weighting functions
  • Automated tire model fitting with fitting job scheduler
  • Live view of model being fit
  • User-based floating license system

With all the features that you know and love!

  • Import tire data from any unit system
  • Crop and process test data
  • Fit Magic Formula tire models from test data
  • Easy display of tire models and test data comparison
  • Export models to TIR files

Ready for the most complete models 

  • PAC2002
  • Magic Formula 5.2
  • Magic Formula 6.1.2
  • Magic Formula 6.2

A holistic solution, to help you analyze and compare all diverse types of tire models, helping engineers to make better and faster decisions!


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