Where the best…choose the best.

That’s really the only way to describe who chooses OptimumG’s expertise in automotive design. The list is a Who’s Who in the industry: BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc. And it’s easy to explain why they choose OptimumG: Because they want to remain the best. And we do, too. That’s why our customers feel like they have a synergy with us. They come to understand that we get what they do—and they trust us to do what we do. It’s a perfect blending.

And it all comes together in the results: Nothing ever short of excellence.

The problems we help solve for automotive manufacturers:

  • How can I compare the performance of my product to our competitors’? Why and how is my product better or worse?
  • Which vehicle or tire design parameters are more relevant on the performance metrics?
  • How can we process large amounts of test data and use it to make project decisions?
  • How can we simulate hundreds of combinations of vehicle or tire design parameters and select the best setups?
  • Which vehicle test objective metrics have stronger correlation to subjective performance evaluations of the vehicle?

The three main reasons passenger car industries hire OptimumG:

1) They know we have extensive experience with many customers worldwide who’ve used our consulting services, our seminars, and software. They simply pay us to “pick our brain.”

2) Often, they lack a good teacher to bring new engineers up to speed, or to help experienced engineers gain new perspectives on recent automotive techniques.

3) Sometimes the customer is swamped and needs subcontracting.


When it comes to OptimumG consulting, the word to remember is customized. We’ve been serving the specific needs of the automobile industry for decades. The first lesson we learned long ago is that each situation is different and requires an individual touch. That’s a touch we’ve developed and honed. Now we develop and design test procedures according to your exact needs—not close, not near, but exact. Then we apply our proven consulting methods, attend and supervise all tests, analyze, and then report our findings to you.


Develop and design your car with simulation software. Our software has been proven—thousands have come to appreciate the results of our three offerings: OptimumTire, OptimumKinematics, and OptimumDynamics.


At OptimumG, we know how much information there is to keep up with in the automotive manufacturing industry. That’s why, when we started, we immediately began offering seminars filled with the latest and most useful information available. The seminars have won praise from the industry’s top leaders and engineers.
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