OptimumG engineers have created software to help automotive and racecar professionals develop and design vehicles.

The complete solution for your tire modeling and analysis

A tire data visualization and modeling tool that gives you better insight into how a particular tire operates, so you can run more accurate vehicle simulations.

Software that makes computer-aided suspension design and analysis fast and convenient.

Aids in suspension design and analysis, and it’s faster and more convenient than other software on the market.

OptimumLap is a FREE, simplified, vehicle simulation tool that estimates a vehicle’s performance on a given racetrack.

A FREE, simplified, vehicle simulation tool that estimates a vehicle’s performance on a given racetrack, within 10% of reality. And it gives you accurate and useful results in minutes.


Can the software be used on more than one computer?

A license key allows you to use the software on a single computer, but it is possible to have the software installed on multiple computers—it just can’t be used on more than one computer at a time. This process is managed via activating and deactivating a license key manually, which requires an Internet connection.

Can I use the software without having internet access?

If a license key is attempting to be activated (or reactivated), and a license key cannot be found, a user will have a small grace period to connect the computer to the Internet. During this grace period, the program will be fully functional, but will only be able to start five times.

How can I renew my academic license?

If you have an academic license, you will need to submit another application. You can submit it here.

Why is OptimumLap free of charge?

OptimumLap is a point mass model where the user knowing simple parameters of their vehicles, such as weight, engine curve, aerodynamics, and tire coefficients, can give a good idea of what is your potential lap time in a given track. For the fact that the model is simple, we provide it as free of charge. But don’t let that fool you. It’s a very powerful tool!

Is it possible to use your software in a university course?

Yes, we have had requests from universities that would like to use our software in a university course to teach their students how to obtain a tire model, design a suspension, or understand vehicle setup. We offer a special bundle of 10, 20, or 30 academic licenses for universities. Please email software@optimumg.com for more information.

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“We’re glad to have access to the extensive experience of OptimumG in tire rig testing as well as the intuitive user interface of the OptimumTire software.”

– Rudolf Dittrich, Vice president of vehicle development BMW Motorsport

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“OptimumKinematics helped me better understand why race cars behave in a particular way when comes down to kinematics. It is also a valuable tool in comparing vehicles of the same category and better understand what makes them different in particular areas. The support is always excelent. Questions are replyed within hours, most of the time with valuable imput regarding the topic. The software is continuosly developed and is one of the few to cover a great number of suspension types.”

– Andrei Filep, Race and Performance Engineer, Audi – Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

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“First, we would like to thank you for the great confidence you place in us. OptimumTire is the one of best choice for customers in tire F&M test data processing. It could satisfy all kinds of your data processing requirements. So believe it or not, it’s really great.”

– Lynn Liu 刘 毅, Tire Dynamics Engineer, Original Equipment Technical, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Asia Technical Center

“Optimum Kinematics is more user-friendly and useful than other kinematics software, and what’s good about this is that data sharing is easy with chassis designer and vehicle dynamicist.”

– Shinya Nagata, Nissan Motorsport International Co., LTD

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