OptimumG Advanced Vehicle Dynamics seminar was held in Rimac Automobili. The intensive four-day seminar held by Claude Roulle was very useful experience which give us very good overview of vehicle dynamics, but also some guidelines for vehicle development from concept to final product. The knowledge we used in various projects we did in previous years – from prototype small series to motorsport projects. In Rimac Vehicle Dynamics department, thick scripts from the seminar can be found on every desk, used by engineers together with tools and Claude ‘magic’ numbers when doing calculations.
I would recommend the seminar to students, small vehicle engineering teams, but also experienced and bigger engineering teams to get a picture of the importance of vehicle dynamics in vehicle development.

Tomislav Šimunić
Vehicle Dynamics Team Leader
Rimac Automobili d.o.o.

We did several challenging projects with OptimumG and all the outputs are very tangible but also deeply insightful. OptimumG truly knows what they are doing. Very impressive combination of theory and field experience. Working with Optimum G as the engineering partner always has been great experience as it keeps myself being challenged in perspective of engineering itself and also of the passion for it. Thank you OptimumG.

Jun-Mo Lee
Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center, Inc.

Optimum G did not only provided with vehicle dynamic classes but the big part for me was that it gave me a huge amount of “hint” on how to think as a tire designer. It literally changed my life. And the more you apply what you learned, the more you want to take the class again in a higher level.

Yoshinao Yasuda
Tire designer/engineer
Falken/Dunlop Motorsport

We’re glad to have access to the extensive experience of OptimumG in tire rig testing as well as the intuitive user interface of the OptimumTire software.

Rudolf Dittrich
Vice president vehicle development
BMW Motorsport

“OptimumKinematics helped me better understand why race cars behave in a particular way when comes down to kinematics. It is also a valuable tool in comparing vehicles of the same category and better understand what makes them different in particular areas. The support is always excelent. Questions are replyed within hours, most of the time with valuable imput regarding the topic. The software is continuosly developed and is one of the few to cover a great number of suspension types.”

– Andrei Filep, Race and Performance Engineer, Audi – Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

“First, we would like to thank you for the great confidence you place in us. OptimumTire is the one of best choice for customers in tire F&M test data processing. It could satisfy all kinds of your data processing requirements. So believe it or not, it’s really great.”

– Lynn Liu 刘 毅, Tire Dynamics Engineer, Original Equipment Technical, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Asia Technical Center

“Optimum Kinematics is more user-friendly and useful than other kinematics software, and what’s good about this is that data sharing is easy with chassis designer and vehicle dynamicist.”

– Shinya Nagata, Nissan Motorsport International Co., LTD

“We worked with Optimum G when we started on a new project running the Ligier LMP2 car in 2016 to accelerate our learning of the car and development within the team. Optimum G worked efficiently both during tests and races with us to ensure the pre and post analysis simulation along with reporting was done to maximise our learning and development. Ricardo Santos was assigned as our lead contact and integrated into the team well and just became part of the team liaising with the race engineers and drivers to make sure they had all the data and information they required during the whole season. OptimumG are professional and efficient in how they go about their work and are an easy integration into any race team.”

– Jacob Greaves, Greaves Motorsport

“We’ve worked together with OptimumG for over two decades. During this time, the relationship has moved from customer/client to a symbiotic partnership. The methods, communication, and final end user solutions are truly world class. As a result of the Calspan/OptimumG relationship, we’re able to provide the end user with unsurpassed quality and innovation. The data that we have partnered with OptimumG to produce is truly at the cutting edge of vehicle dynamics testing technology.”

– David Gentz, General Manager, Calspan Tire Research Facility

“As Technical Manager at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), over various years since 2013, I have carried out various projects with OptimumG, which have all been completed successfully and very professionally, with OptimumG providing a very responsive and flexible service. Additionally, JLR was a relatively early and enthusiastic user of the OptimumTire software suite. This software enabled a much more efficient testing regime than traditionally used, which produced very good data in a fraction of the original test time (time savings were in order of 70%). As an early adopter and valued customer, my Team and I fed back our experience with the software to OptimimG, and this was then used to further optimise OptimumTire, add features, and generally develop this to mutual benefit. In my experience this was all managed very efficiently and responsively.”

– Jan Prins MEng CEng FIMechE, Technical Specialist Wheels and Tyres (CAE, Standards & Strategy),
CE-58 / EC-5B, Steering Wheels And Tyres, Chassis Engineering, Product Engineering

“Claude Rouelle and the OptimumG team have very impressive knowledge in the vehicle dynamics field. Hyundai Motor Company has benefited from the seminars and consulting services we have received in Korea, Europe, and USA.”

– Dr. Injin Hwang, Hyundai Motor Company

“I first met Claude when I was studying mechanical engineering in Paris in the early 2000s. I decided to invest in his 3-days seminar on vehicle dynamics and data analysis. This was probably the best investment I have ever made as it gave me a very important and solid understanding of Motorsport Engineering principles, both theoretical and practical, that you could not acquire just by reading books. Following this seminar, I went to Denver to work with Claude for a 1-year internship working on all aspects of vehicle dynamics, Motorsport Engineering, and data analysis for a new 12-days seminar Claude was creating. This was a very valuable experience and my knowledge of Motorsport Engineering increased exponentially during this time. To this day, in my current job as a Race Engineer in F1, I am still mainly employing principles I learnt during this period. I can strongly recommend Claude’s seminar for anyone aspiring to have a career in Motorsport Engineering.”

– Julien Simon-Chautemps, Senior Race Engineer for Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo Racing – F1 Team

“The OptimumG vehicle dynamics seminar has been specially appreciated by the ESC application teams of Bosch France. This gave them the deep understanding of influencing factors on the vehicle dynamics that they need to optimize their approach and tuning of safety systems like ESC. Specially impressive is the way Claude Rouelle turns his decades-long experience in chassis tuning into a analytic and rigorous approach, highlighting the fundamental factors of chassis engineering.”

– Gilles Dubos, Chassis Systems Control Chief Engineer for PSA (CC/EPC) at Bosch, France

“I followed an Optimum G seminar on race car engineering and dynamics, and I must admit that the knowledge I gained there truly helped me in my work as a motorsport journalist. I write technical features on a regular basis and translate Giorgio Piola’s articles on F1 technology, and what I learned from the terrific teacher who is Claude Rouelle is helping me every day.”

– René Fagnan, Journalist/Reporter, Motorsports.com

“Claude Rouelle brings clarity and definition to areas of relevance with the kind of ease that only a seasoned veteran can possibly do. The fact that he has seen fit to do so is to every engineer’s advantage, make no mistake. Ignore this opportunity at your peril.”

– Robert Loaring, I.C.E. Automotive

“One thought that I had after the course…when I was starting off, where was someone like Claude to explain things so clearly, rather than having to learn the hard way?”

– Owen Hayes, Porsche Motorsports

Owen Hayes

“I admire Claude since I first attended to OptimumG seminar in Barcelona, Spain back in 2002. It was a life experience. I learned in the OptimumG seminar many methodologies that are keys to succeed on any project, all that in good humor.
If racing is your life, don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Claude.”

– Oreste Berta

“I met Claude for the first time in 2000 in Paris as I attended his Vehicle Dynamics Seminar. Being still a student, I stayed in touch with him and later on I chose to complete my end of studies internship within OptimumG. Thinking about it now, this was probably the best start I could give to my racing career. Claude’s teaching skills made me understand very quickly and efficiently the basics of racing engineering. These notions learnt within OptimumG quickly became very sharp weapons to perform in the highly competitive world of international motorsport. Learning the basics and mostly understand how to apply them to solve practical problems on track is, to my point of view, what makes the difference when it comes to win races. I definitely recommend OptimumG for young and passionate engineers who wish to quickly fill up their racing engineering toolbox.”

Renaud Dufour, Motorsport engineering consultant, Lead engineer – AMG team Black Falcon

“My name is Carlos Caunedo, I’m an Argentinean mechanical engineer. In 2008, right after graduating from college, Claude gave me the opportunity to do an internship at OptimumG.

I was very passionate about motorsport but had little experience in the Racing World.

In OptimumG my main project was to develop and code the mathematical model for a vehicle dynamics simulation. OptimumG gave me the opportunity to follow the complete process between writing equations in a piece of paper and validating the simulation with real racecar information.

I had access to information that I had only seen in text books. Tyre data, data acquisition files including tire loads and slip angle, aeromaps and all the information needed to run a successful simulation. For the first time I was able to understand and quantify how each parameter would modify the vehicle dynamics.

After my internship I decided to go back to Argentina to work in motorsports. Thanks to the knowledge I acquired at OptimumG, I was able to develop in a short time a successful career in the Racing world.”

– Carlos Caunedo created Caunedo Engineering who works for HH Timing as a developer

“Optimum G has vast know-how in tackling the most difficult challenges of vehicle dynamics of any type of car, be it a racecar or a road going passenger car. They never shy away in passing on the knowledge as they truly believe in – ” Knowledge shared is knowledge squared. ”

– Chunky Vazirani, Founder & Chief Designer, Vazirani Automotive

“When I first met Claude for a seminar nearly 20 years ago, he already had a solid reputation. Today, I can only confirm that if you want/are involved on high performance vehicles engineering (Road or Racing, Manufacturer or Team) OptimumG , with his seminars, softwares and services, is the essential partner to have. After that, you will see things differently…”

– Paolo Catone, Free-lance designer experienced in F1 (Minardi, Ligier, Prost) and LMP cars (Courage, Peugeot, Ginetta and BR01 LMP2)