When you hire OptimumG for its services, you hire a partner.

Why would we claim this? Because our decades of experience have taught us that combining your experience and know-how with ours automatically leads to tailor-made solutions.

It all happens in four easy steps:

We meet in person to learn and understand your goal.
We develop the best course of action with you.
We match our engineers for your specific needs.
We work in unison with you through every stage until the goal is met.
So if it’s a small, one-time project or a mammoth, ongoing mission, you can count on OptimumG to be there with you until it’s time to celebrate victory.

Knowledge shared is knowledge 2

Here’s a little secret in the world of consulting: Many consultants are happy to share relevant and useful advice, but what they’re not willing to share is how they arrived at that advice—the theories and calculations behind the advice. Why? Because knowledge is power—it’s an asset they do not want to lose.
Welcome to a refreshing and transparent approach to consulting. OptimumG has always explained the theories and calculations behind our advice. It’s the right way to do business. Over the years, we’ve come to understand that the more we explain the why, the how, and the how much of our engineering approach, the more we create curiosity, appreciation, and respect among our customers. In fact, we’ve found that the more we explain, the more the customer is interested in what we have to say—oftentimes, they even challenge us. And we welcome it. We like to be challenged. It’s what makes us grow.

That’s how and why we have customers who keep working with us for many years.

“We worked with Optimum G when we started on a new project running the Ligier LMP2 car in 2016 to accelerate our learning of the car and development within the team. Optimum G worked efficiently both during tests and races with us to ensure the pre and post analysis simulation along with reporting was done to maximise our learning and development. Ricardo Santos was assigned as our lead contact and integrated into the team well and just became part of the team liaising with the race engineers and drivers to make sure they had all the data and information they required during the whole season. OptimumG are professional and efficient in how they go about their work and are an easy integration into any race team.”

– Jacob Greaves, Greaves Motorsport

“As Technical Manager at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), over various years since 2013, I have carried out various projects with OptimumG, which have all been completed successfully and very professionally, with OptimumG providing a very responsive and flexible service. Additionally, JLR was a relatively early and enthusiastic user of the OptimumTire software suite. This software enabled a much more efficient testing regime than traditionally used, which produced very good data in a fraction of the original test time (time savings were in order of 70%). As an early adopter and valued customer, my Team and I fed back our experience with the software to OptimimG, and this was then used to further optimise OptimumTire, add features, and generally develop this to mutual benefit. In my experience this was all managed very efficiently and responsively.”

– Jan Prins MEng CEng FIMechE, Technical Specialist Wheels and Tyres (CAE, Standards & Strategy),
CE-58 / EC-5B, Steering Wheels And Tyres, Chassis Engineering, Product Engineering

“Claude Rouelle and the OptimumG team have very impressive knowledge in the vehicle dynamics field. Hyundai Motor Company has benefited from the seminars and consulting services we have received in Korea, Europe, and USA.”

– Dr. Injin Hwang, Hyundai Motor Company

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