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If you’re ambitious and innovative with a fiery passion for motorsports and the automotive industries, you’re in the right place with like-minded people – because those words describe OptimumG employees, too.

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Simulation, analysis, tire testing and modeling, vehicle testing (on-track, K&C, Post Rig, etc.), harness & sensors, validation.


Performance/data engineering, vehicle testing, consulting.


Programming, commercial software and internal tool development, modeling, simulation, analysis, consulting.


Diverse opportunities to develop projects and learn vehicle dynamics and vehicle modeling.

Automotive careers

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Motorsport careers

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Software careers

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If motorsports and automobile industries excite you, apply and we’ll give you a place to channel that excitement.

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Didn’t find the right fit? We are always looking for talented individuals. You can submit a general application by clicking here.

So, what’s it like to work at a place teeming with ambition, innovation and passion?


  • Opportunity to work in a highly varied environment with a diverse team
  • Laid back, dynamic environment
  • Challenging project diversity
  • Small office environment
  • Modern office setting
  • Fun events
  • Autonomy
  • Competitive benefits including health insurance, disability insurance, and generous vacation days
  • Travel the world

Do you have what it takes?

At OptimumG, we ask a lot from our team, but we also give a lot so you have a great work environment. We look for creativity, innovation and a love for working on many kinds of projects.

Can you deliver on time and on target and can you work in a team? Do you love life and live every aspect of your life to the fullest? Are you a good listener and observer?

At OptimumG employees are encouraged to use their imagination, offer and implement creative solutions to customer’s challenges. Customer satisfaction needs to be a top priority.

“The work atmosphere at OptimumG has always contributed to my professional growth. We are constantly exposed to new challenges, which encourage us to learn new things.”

–Paulo Yamagata, OptimumG R&D Engineer