How many positions have you lost because you don’t understand your car’s behavior? And how many more will you have to lose?

Applied Vehicle Dynamics Seminars in Graz



Graz, Austria



4 days long, 10h/day


September 6-9

Taught by

Claude Rouelle

From today until the day of your next race, would you have time to read more than 50 books on vehicle dynamics?

Probably the answer should be no, but don’t think of it as something negative. No one would have sufficient time for that. Even if you were to research on the internet, you might find the information, but how would you apply it? What if you have a doubt?

In the modern automotive world, competition intensifies with every turn. The quest for a competitive edge goes beyond mere experience or intuition about mechanical adjustments. It is a journey that demands deep understanding and quick adaptation. In over 40 years in the automotive industry, one thing that became clear is that time is the most precious asset, whether on the track or in life. That’s why understanding vehicle dynamics is not just about an extensive library of theoretical knowledge. It’s about finding, amidst the vastness of data, the correct, applicable, and valuable information.

Because of this, for over 27 years, OptimumG has created the Applied Vehicle Dynamics seminar. In this seminar, we don’t share recipes; we share methodologies and tools for you to develop, in 4 days, the over 40 years of experience we have accumulated and applied over all this time.


Applied Vehicle Dynamics

September 6th-9th | 2024

This seminar is one of the most intense experiences you will have in a classroom!

Internationally recognized as one of the best sources of knowledge in vehicle dynamics for engineers. You will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in your projects. From designing a new car concept to exploring an existing project, you will learn applied vehicle dynamics in the design, simulation, manufacturing, preparation, testing, and development of automobiles.

Topics covered in this seminar

Because tires are the only elements of your race car in contact with the ground, it is vital to understand why and to what extent the grip, balance, and performance of a car are determined by the forces and deflections in the contact area. We will also cover tire testing, analyses, and how to use tire data in the design and tuning of the race car.
After a review of the fundamentals of aerodynamics, you will learn about aerodynamic maps, wings, Gurney flaps, static and dynamic height configurations, and how to integrate them into suspension design.
Here you will see why poorly designed kinematics cannot be ‘fixed’ by springs, stabilizer bars, and shock absorbers; and why (from design to on-track testing and racing) understanding the effects of kinematics is essential for the efficient use of racing tires. You will also learn the differences between kinematic and force rotation centers, as well as kinematic and force pitch centers.
Load transfer in steady-state and transient conditions
Here is where you will receive a step-by-step lesson on calculating steady-state weight transfer. You will see the influence of springs and stabilizer bars on the weight transfer distribution, as well as the influence of tire vertical stiffness and chassis torsional stiffness. This section also includes a guided exercise on weight transfer calculations under combined lateral and longitudinal accelerations.
Dampers and Vibration Theory
After a brief description of shock absorber technology, you will focus on the influence of shock absorber settings on tire load, tire load consistency, and race car performance. A guided exercise on spring and shock absorber calculations, as well as on the selection and fine-tuning of these suspension elements, will help save time in testing and enhance your understanding of simple simulation tools.
Car Design and Chassis Setup
This seminar has provided young and experienced automotive engineers with new ideas, new engineering principles, and fresh perspectives on car design and testing. You will gain a wealth of practical insights and perspectives on car setup both in the workshop and on the track. Furthermore, our ‘tips and tricks’ focus on engineering and provide practical application of vehicle dynamics knowledge.
Analysis of Car and Driver Data
You will gain technical and practical insights into data acquisition to analyze, compare, and improve both car and driver performance. We will examine and guide you through the selection, installation, and calibration of sensors, while training you in efficient data analysis. Our focus will be on the mathematical analysis of data and how it is applied to driver, car, and tire performance, as well as performance consistency. All of this will help you understand the challenges and opportunities associated with data acquisition and analysis.

You are in good hands!

OptimumG is an international vehicle dynamics consultant group that works with automotive companies and motorsports teams to enhance their understanding of vehicle dynamics through seminars, consulting, and software development.

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Learn with the best

Claude Rouelle

Claude is the founder and president of OptimumG, a Belgian citizen with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and vehicle dynamics. Claude built his own racecar at university and, after that, worked in a lot of racing teams, equipping himself with a lot of experience before creating OptimumG in 1997.
Since then, he worked on very different consult projects and led more than 400 seminars around the world. He is also popular in Formula Student, being a judge at the competition more than 147 times!

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Look what our previous attendees have to say!

I came in having done the AVD and the Pro-Only DDPE, and I still found the DDPE Seminar extremely valuable. While the Vehicle Dynamics section was a nice refresher, I found the skipped section at the Pro-only seminar, such as the setup procedures and the method of taking the initial measurements were extremely valuable for me. At the Pro-Only seminar, the MoTeC section and KPI generation were a bit too fast for me at the time due to unfamiliarity with the software, but I had a lot more real-world experience this time around and was able to follow through with it without problems so I got the most out of the DDPE by taking it twice.

The passion for the subject and abundance of energy and enthusiasm in delivering the knowledge to the attendee in academia is unfortunately a rare sight in my experience, and it was such a positive driving force for me that it made me strive to learn more. The attention to the attendees’ needs – elaborating when there are questions or acting proactively based on attendees’ reactions were super helpful. It made me feel like Claude actually cares about his students learning. 

I had a fantastic time in Birmingham, and while it was a quite a way out for me(and same for the Italy one), it was DEFINITELY an expedition worth taking. If there’s any other seminars other than AVD and DDPE, I will make the trip! While I don’t think I’m at the level of folks at OptimumG yet, I strive to become the best engineer I can be and continue my relationship with OptimumG. OptimumG has given me so much, and I’ll gladly help out where I can.


Race Engineer, ROTEK Racing

I felt the seminar as a whole was a great experience and taught me both the basic concepts and some more advanced ones that unfortunately I didn’t learn in university. The information was of great quality and always taught at the right pace. Initially, I felt 10 hours a day for 4 days would be too much, but I never felt overwhelmed with information or got distracted. I always felt a big interest in everything that was being taught because Claude would always relate to some application of it in the real world and that was very important.

Race Engineer Consultant

Really efficient seminar in terms of learning key points on vehicle dynamics. Claude has so much knowledge that this seminar could last a few more days. Thank you, Claude, for teaching us this course through your experience.

Race Car Engineer, JAS Motorsport


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Do I get a certificate at the end of the seminar?
Yes, all seminars have a physical certificate signed by our president, Claude Rouelle.
I'm a student. Can I get a discount?
Yes. If you are a student, you can access our website and take advantage of our special conditions for you.
Where are the seminars held?
The seminars are held in various countries around the world. We usually hold our seminars in colleges or hotels, which you can find on the page with more information about each seminar. If not, we will send you an e-mail confirming the venue close to the date of the seminar.
How long do the seminars last?
The seminars last 4 full days, usually from 8 AM to 7 PM, with short breaks throughout the day.
I'd like to offer a seminar to my team. How do I go about it?
For companies, we offer customized seminars based on your team’s greatest needs. See some success stories here.
What is your cancellation policy?
  1. OptimumG reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrollment, inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances. In this case, OptimumG’s liability shall be limited to a full refund of registration fees paid to OptimumG. Although seminar dates and locations are rarely changed, when booking flights for the seminar, we advise the purchase of ticket protection insurance at the time of booking. In no event shall OptimumG be liable for any cancellation or change penalties assessed by an airline or hotel as a result of seminar date changes or cancellations.
  2. Cancellation requests received via our email within 30 days before the seminar date: A 50% refund will be granted.
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    • Alternatively, a registrant may transfer to another seminar within 12 calendar months at no additional cost, provided the participant emails us at least 7 days prior to the seminar they originally registered for, informing us of their decision not to attend and emails us 30 days prior to the date of the future seminar they wish to attend.
  4. No refund or any type of credit will be provided if the registrant attends all or part of a seminar.